Rejuvenation Cafe

Today, while brewing tea, I was thinking about the structure of water. I remember reading a book written by a visionary Japanese researcher. Dr. Emoto published the book "The Message from Water". He collected water samples, froze a droplet and then photographed the structure. What he found was that holy water looked like a beautiful snowflake and polluted water looked like sludge. He then further experimented by taking untreated distilled water and played different music to it, by writing gratitude, blessings and curses on the vial of water.

There is a huge contrast between the molecular structure of "thank you" vs. "you make me sick and I want to kill you". We are this vial of water. We are over 75% water, Understanding this concept reinforces the importance of right thinking. If we are always thinking negative thoughts, can you imagine what the water from our cells would look like? Knowing this can be a reminder of how harmful it is for us to hold on to ill feelings, anger and resentment. Forgiveness is not for the other person, but for our well- being.   Click here to link to Dr. Emoto's book.

Written by Mimi Lam — February 15, 2016