Rejuvenation Cafe

Mimi Lam is a visionary, intuitive, radiating healer and spiritual teacher. Her passion lies in helping others embark on their healing journey and guiding them as they reach a higher level of consciousness and self awareness.

Originally born in China, Mimi immigrated and lived in the United States since she was an infant. She grew up in her family restaurant business since she was 7 years old. She had a successful fashion design career for decades and started a private label company for Vanity Fair in the 80's.

It was in the late 80's, she started to ask higher order thinking questions about life. In her own words, "I did everything that society defined as 'success', but there was an emptiness that would not go away". This epiphany began a journey of self discovery and authenticity. Ultimately, it led Mimi to connect with a new found passion for the powerful healing properties of herbs and a lifelong love of natural medicine.

In the early 90's, Mimi founded a healing center teaching a wide array of meditation, crystal and color therapies and healthy cooking. She offered a wide variety of healing traditions and modalities to her students, visitors and other healers alike.

Later, her focus became physically healing her body; frequenting healing centers domestically and abroad. She learned about juicing, raw foods and the super foods; which have now become more mainstream. The most important lesson she learned from this awakening is that food can heal or kill. She concluded that lifestyle change is paramount to how we think, act and feel. Wielded this knowledge she realized her desire of opening a rural healing retreat.

In 2011, She established a line of hand blended artisanal organic teas called "Mimi's Natural", In addition to growing that business, she is currently in the process of finding the perfect property in upstate New York to make her healing retreat dream into a reality.