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If you think that drinking chamomile, tea is only good for relaxing and calming before bedtime, think again. These delicate aromatic white flowers with yellow centers that bloom in the summer, pack a powerful dose of healing on many levels.

Chamomile has anti-anxiety, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties. As an anti-bacterial, it inhibits underarm bacteria, which eliminates underarm perspiration odor.

It contains a substance called chamazulene, which has anti-allergenic properties. Chamazulene blocks the release of histamines. This substance will also calm stomach irritation, which explains why chamomile is used in digestive tea blends.

Chamomile is good for Irritable bowel syndrome. It contains a very strong antispasmodic agent that relaxes aching, tense muscles and alleviates PMS. Recent research has shown that Chamomile contains a cancer fighting compound apigenin. This natural compound is found in abundance in chamomile. Apigenin prevents the production of protein that allows cancer cells from attaching themselves to new sites. It has also been found to counteract the inflammation reactions that are needed for the new tumors to have their own blood supply.

The effects of chamomile tea are cumulative. Use chamomile tea for a few weeks before you decide whether it is effective. Do note that Chamomile contains natural blood thinners and should be avoided when taking any type of prescription blood thinners.

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Mimi Lam

Written by Mimi Lam — March 12, 2014