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Rejuvenate Your Bone Health

Two years ago, my dentist informed me that I was losing bone mass from the roots  of my teeth. Initially, I became so alarmed that I decided  I would do whatever it took to strengthen my bones. I am here to share with you my health regiment and intended success!

First on my daily plate to actually modify my bone mass is physical activity. This is because bone health is dependent upon physical activity that includes weight bearing exercise. This could be simply walking; jumping rope; working out in the gym; weightlifting; playing sports or jogging to simulate stronger bones. My exercise of choice is ballroom dancing.

I stayed in the sun for 30 minutes without sunscreen, yet I was also sure to take my vitamins minerals and trace minerals.

Next, I made some strategic adjustment to my eating. I focused on rich green leafy vegetables, fruits and Omega-3 fatty acids. I cut down on red meats and ate a bit of turkey or chicken, alternating with wild salmon.

I consumed a green juice or smoothie twice a day instead of my  usual once in the morning juice. However, I was certain to add some supplements to this juice. These included MSM, non GMO soy lecithin and flaxseed.

Additionally, I avoided dairy and I also gave up cheese. I excluded white flour, white sugar, sodas, caffeine and alcoholic drinks. Although I had eliminated milk, I continued using almond and soy milk. For many of you these will be big changes.

I understand that a diet high in acid actually causes inflammation and contributes to bone loss. When we eat foods high in acid, calcium and minerals are leached from our bones to neutralize the acid, resulting in the calcium our bone needs to be  excreted through our urine. Naturally, over time this loss of mineral and calcium impact our bone density.
I ate kale, collards, bok choy, spinach, arugula, watercress and lots of dandelion greens. To enhance the life-affirming aspect of this diet, I included chickpeas and calcium rich sesame seeds on my daily salads.

My overall plan contains a wide-variety of health foods. I included a bone health herbal tea. This herbal blend includes alfalfa, nettle, oatstraw, dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, red clover and horsetail. These herbs are rich in vitamins(especially vitamin K). Vitamin K is a nutrient that inhibits the breakdown of bone and promotes the formation of new bone tissue. This  blend is high in magnesium, iron, sulfur, sodium potassium, silica and various trace elements. All of these herbs are  alkalizing to our body.  I drank 3 cups of the tea daily.

Depending on your fortitude and overall determinations, there are additional practices that you can incorporate.  Your bones will thank you.

For example, you can use this tea blend and soak it in  apple cider vinegar. Allow two weeks or longer for the herbs to infuse the vinegar. You can mix a tablespoon of this infusion with warm boiled water. In fact, when  I'm feeling a bit feisty, sometimes I even ingest this  herbal vinegar straight. But don't stop there, you can utilize this delicious vinegar to make your salad dressing.

In my own experience, upon visiting my dentist four months later, she took an additional x-ray Dr.  Kaplan was admittedly astonished. She asked me if she had x-rayed the correct side, because so much new bone growth was self evident.

I hope  you will incorporate some of the suggestions and  include them in your daily routine. However, you maintain your new regiment, here's to your strong bones!X

Written by Mimi Lam — February 19, 2014