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Enjoy this blend of chrysanthemum flowers, red clover, linden, gogi berries, nettle, burdock, dandelion root, rosehips,  sweetened with raisins.

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This fall flower has  been used in China for its curative properties and as an enjoyment tea, served with sugar rock candy.  Chrysanthemum tea is used to clear toxins and heat from the body.  This flower is famous for its ability to support vision and eye health. It is known to brighten  eyes. You can drink the tea, and or use the flowers as a compress for your eyes.

Used in Asia for the health benefit to the skin, as it supports healthy moisture  content  and prevents wrinkles due to dryness.  Chrysanthemum flower contains high levels of vitamin B and C, making it a useful great herb for the common cold.

Chrysanthemum is wonderful for expelling heat from the liver. It detoxes the liver and can helps in lowering cholesterol. Drinking this tea at night, not only purifies the blood, but aids in calming the mind.