Rejuvenation Cafe

It is important to correctly store your teas and herbs in order to preserve the flavor, color and fragrant against the elements that threaten its integrity. Most loose leaves will remain stable for up to a year. We package our teas in 2-ounce packages, so that you can enjoy the teas at its best.

Loose-leaf teas are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, moisture and light. Store in control temperature, moisture, and limited light. You can put the tea package in a tin canister. The ideal place to store teas and herbs is a dry cupboard, pantry or closet.

The amount of tea, the brewing time is only a suggestion. You may brew more or less tea for a longer or shorter suggested time. Enjoy the tea, according to your taste.

We blend small batches at a time, to ensure that you get the best tasting cup of tea.