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Circulation.  Enjoy this blend of Gingko leaves, hawthorn leaves and berries, gotu kola, motherwort, bilberry leaves, peppermint and raisins. Sweeten with a tad of honey.

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Gingko is the oldest surviving tree. It was around during the dinosaur age. It was the lone survivor of the atomic blast in Hiroshima. The leaves of this remarkable tree provide healthy benefits to us. It is especially popular as a longevity herb in Japan.

Blood circulation provides nutrients and oxygen to for every part of our body from the tiny cells, capillaries, arteries, veins, to bones, muscles organs and skin. When you have poor circulation, it can lead to many health disturbances. This includes premature aging, atrophy in veins and cold hands and feet. Poor circulation will hamper brain function: the inability to concentrate, disorientation, hearing disorders, experiencing senior moments when you are clearly not a senior yet. Gingko increase blood flow; it is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps short and long-term memory.

By using gingko, most will notice a marked change. Gingko must be taken over an extended period of time (4-6 weeks) to be effective. Gingko used with hawthorn leaves and berries will strengthen the heart too.